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Saye Baz

  • 2 Seasons
  • 20 Episodes
  • Drama

Introducing the Iranian Series “Saye Baz”Welcome to FarsiMov, your destination for the best in Iranian cinema and television. We’re thrilled to introduce you to “Saye Baz,” a captivating Iranian series that’s making waves in the world of television.

“Saye Baz,” brought to you by the talented Ali Yavar, is a production of the year 1401 in Iran. This series signifies a remarkable milestone in Ali Yavar’s career, as he takes his directorial skills from the big screen to the world of home entertainment television. His previous works, including the critically acclaimed “Sampashi” and “Cinema Khor (Mashmash),” have earned him numerous awards at both domestic and international film festivals. With “Saye Baz,” Ali Yavar explores new horizons in storytelling.

The journey of “Saye Baz” began in mid-1400 with pre-production and casting. It’s interesting to note that the series was originally named “Bazi Entekhab” at the outset. However, as filming progressed and the broadcasting license was secured, it evolved into the name we know today, “Saye Baz.” What makes “Saye Baz” truly exceptional is the extensive filming that took place in various cities across Iran and even in Turkey, giving the series a unique cultural and visual blend.

While initial expectations hinted at “Saye Baz” being designed for television, it is now set to make its mark on home entertainment networks, adding to the excitement.

The Plot of “Saye Baz”

Directed by Ali Yavar, “Saye Baz” marks a shift in style and narrative context compared to his previous works. This series is firmly situated in the mystery and suspense genre, shedding light on the life of a prosperous businessman and tower builder named Barzo Shams. A chance encounter with an old friend on the night of his daughter’s naming ceremony sets off a chain of events that unveil the challenges, secrets, and complexities of Barzo’s life.

How Many Episodes Does “Saye Baz” Have?

Initially envisioned as a miniseries for home entertainment networks, “Saye Baz” boasts a compelling storyline with the potential for 12 to 15 episodes. The final count may be subject to adjustments during the editing and broadcasting phases, ensuring an engaging viewing experience.

Meet the Cast of “Saye Baz”

“Saye Baz,” directed by Ali Yavar, brings together a talented cast, many of whom are recognized for their contributions to both television and cinema. While these actors have diverse experiences in the world of film and television, “Saye Baz” presents an opportunity for them to shine in the realm of home entertainment networks. The cast includes renowned names such as Hadi Hashemi, Homayoun Ershadi, Shaghayegh Shajareh, Nima Shaban Nezhad, Nazli Rajabpour, Mohammad Nadari, Shahed Ahmadloo, Fatemeh Goodarzi, and Sam Gharehbaian.

Release Date for “Saye Baz”

The highly anticipated “Saye Baz” is scheduled for release on home entertainment networks in Iran towards the end of 1402. You can already catch a sneak peek of this series by viewing or downloading the teaser on the Hex Download website.

Additional Information:

Age Rating: PG-13 (Not suitable for individuals under 13 years old).
Producers: Ali Yavar
Writers: Ali Yavar
Stay tuned to FarsiMov for updates on the latest in Iranian cinema and television, including “Saye Baz.” We can’t wait to bring you this exciting series, and we hope you’ll enjoy every moment of it.