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Blue Nissan Series on FarsiMov Cover

Blue Nissan

  • 2 Seasons
  • 35 Episodes
  • Comedy

“Blue Nissan” unfolds a tale of empty pockets, love, and infatuation. Jamshid and Reza, lifelong friends, fall in love with two sisters named Zari and Pari, eventually marrying them. Three years later, the wedding bells ring for Mamad. Jamshid, Reza, Rezasosan, Zari, Pari, Alamtaj, and Sarhang gather for Mamad’s wedding feast. However, an unexpected event unfolds, erasing hunger from everyone’s memory!”Blue Nissan” is directed by Manouchehr Hadi and was produced in 2021. This Iranian series falls into the family and comedy genres, featuring a stellar cast including Hossein Yari, Mehran Ghafourian, Yekta Naser, Behnaz Jafari, Jamshid Hashemipour, Alireza Khamesi, Sahar Ghoreishi, Giti Qasemi, Iman Safa, Behshad Sharifiyan, Sirous Hemmati, and many more.

“Blue Nissan” is a new addition to FarsiMov’s home entertainment lineup, directed by Manouchehr Hadi and written by Saeed Doltakhani. Known for his romantic and dramatic works, Hadi ventures into the comedy genre with this social and humorous series, promising a unique experience beyond expectations.

Age Rating: PG
Producers: Ehsan Zolipour
Writers: Saeed Doltakhani
“Blue Nissan” offers a fresh perspective, diverging from Manouchehr Hadi’s typical romantic and dramatic productions. As the first comedy series by Hadi, it is sure to captivate the audience with its distinctive humor.

Release Date (Season 1): From October 28, 2021, to March 19, 2022.
Director of Photography (Season 2): Masoud Atabi began shooting in the summer of 2023

“Blue Nissan” revolves around Jamshid and Reza, their love for Zari and Pari, and the twists and turns in their lives. Jamshid, infatuated with his Blue Nissan, and Reza, passionate about poetry, embark on a journey filled with humor, challenges, and moments that oscillate between joy and sorrow. The series beautifully weaves themes of love, betrayal, loyalty, and, most importantly, family. Experience the comedy-drama that is “Blue Nissan” exclusively on FarsiMov!