• 1 Season
  • 9 Episodes
  • Drama

Amirli” is a gripping series that intertwines drama, romance, and war into the compelling narrative of an Iraqi journalist on a quest to uncover the secrets of his life amidst the turmoil of conflict. Scheduled to air during the holy month of Ramadan, the series promises a blend of intense storytelling and heartfelt emotions, captivating viewers every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Having already gained a significant following with its initial four episodes in Iraqi networks, “Amirli” has received widespread acclaim across Arab countries, highlighting its universal appeal and the resonant themes it explores.

The series stars Mustafa Zamani and Nariman Al-Salehi, a dynamic duo whose performances have already won over audiences in the Arab world, alongside a talented cast that brings the story’s complexity to life. Directed by Ahmad Ibrahim Ahmad and produced by Amir Mehdi Pourvaziri, “Amirli” represents a collaborative effort between Iran and Iraq, showcasing the rich cultural and narrative depths of both nations.

“Amirli” unfolds in a war-torn Iraq, where a journalist’s pursuit of truth leads him down a path of love, discovery, and peril. This tale of passion and perseverance against the backdrop of conflict is set to resonate with audiences far and wide, marking a significant entry in the genre of drama and war storytelling.

As “Amirli” prepares for its international broadcast through Nouravision, the anticipation builds for a series that combines the intensity of war with the tenderness of romance. With its captivating storyline, stellar cast, and the creative vision of its director and producer, “Amirli” is poised to be a landmark series for viewers around the globe.