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Killing A Traitor

  • 1 Season
  • 4 Episodes
  • Drama
Discover the captivating world of “Killing A Traitor,” an enthralling Iranian mini-series streaming exclusively on FarsiMov. Immerse yourself in the drama, crime, and history as you follow the lives of four individuals intertwined in a web of intrigue. Starring renowned actors such as Mehran Modiri, Poulad Kimiayi, Amir Aghaei, Sara Bahrami, Sam Derakhshani, Narges Mohammadi, Reza Yazdani, and many others, this series is a masterpiece directed and written by Masoud Kimiai.

Plot Summary:
“Killing A Traitor” is set against the backdrop of the days leading up to the Iranian revolution, during the era of Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh. The nation grapples with a momentous challenge, and in the midst of it all, four individuals – Mehdi, Shahrokh, Giyoo, and Atlas – hatch a plan to rob the National Bank of Iran. However, their carefully crafted scheme takes an unexpected turn as emotions flare, alliances shift, and bullets fly.

Director Masoud Kimiai skillfully weaves together a tale of suspense and crime that spans over 210 minutes, making it one of the longest and most compelling cinematic experiences in recent Iranian cinema. The series delves into the violent underworld, showcasing riveting shootouts and intense confrontations, all set against the historical backdrop of a nation in turmoil.

Release Schedule:
Starting September 3rd, 2023, “Killing A Traitor” will premiere its first episode exclusively on FarsiMov. New episodes will be released every Friday, providing viewers with a weekly dose of suspense, drama, and historical intrigue.

Rating: PG-13 – Viewer discretion is advised for those under 13 years old.
Total Episodes: 4
Producers: Ali Oji
Writer: Masoud Kimiai
Music: Setareh Orki
Experience the tension, the thrill, and the historical depth of “Killing A Traitor” only on FarsiMov. Follow the lives of those entwined in a world of secrets, as they navigate a nation on the brink of change. Join us as we journey through a pivotal moment in Iranian history, through the lens of exceptional storytelling and remarkable performances.