Modiri's Oscar cover Image


“Oscar,” a captivating reality game show created by Vista Media, is now streaming exclusively on FarsiMov, bringing a unique blend of entertainment and creativity to Iranian audiences abroad. Directed and hosted by the renowned Mehran Modiri, with Nima Shabannejad as his assistant host, “Oscar” showcases a dynamic lineup of actors and celebrities facing creatively designed challenges.

Each episode of “Oscar” is a battle for the coveted Oscar statuette, where guests strive to complete their challenges in the most innovative way possible. Modiri, as the artistic director and primary host, awards points based on how each challenge is performed. The suspense builds as the season progresses, with the highest-scoring participant winning the Oscar trophy, and the one with the least points taking on a social responsibility task.

This Iranian production, made in 2023, stands out in the genres of reality shows. “Oscar” is inspired by the British reality show “Taskmaster,” and offers a unique twist with its engaging format and culturally resonant themes. Every season, spread over four episodes, sees guests tackling challenges set by Modiri. Their performances are evaluated by the host, his assistant, and viewers, culminating in a thrilling season finale where the Oscar award winner is decided.

For fans of innovative game shows and Iranian entertainment, “Oscar” on FarsiMov is a must-watch. Its blend of humor, competition, and celebrity guests offers a fresh and engaging viewing experience, available for free to Iranians living abroad. Tune in to FarsiMov to experience this exciting and inventive show that’s taking Iranian reality TV to new heights!

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