Discover the engaging and humorous escapades of “Hawaii,” a standout Iranian comedy-adventure film, directed by Bahman Goodarzi. Released in 2020, “Hawaii” follows the intriguing life of Samad, a boxer who seeks to enhance his career by immigrating to a foreign country for asylum. However, a series of unexpected events catapult him into viral fame on social media, drastically changing his life and bringing new challenges along with his newfound celebrity status.

This comedy film not only entertains but also subtly touches upon themes of migration and refuge, making it a culturally significant piece in contemporary Iranian cinema. With stellar performances by leading Iranian actors such as Amin Hayai, Amir Jafari, Reyhaneh Parsa, Amirhossein Rostami, Yazdan Fotouhi, and Salar Karimkhani, “Hawaii” showcases a dynamic ensemble cast that brings this captivating story to life.

Produced by Morteza Shayesteh and featuring a screenplay by Ehsan Goodarzi with music by Hamed, “Hawaii” has been acclaimed for its clever script and the engaging performances of its cast. The film’s blend of humor and real-life issues offers a refreshing look at the complexities of achieving fame and adapting to life’s unexpected turns.

Now available for FREE streaming on FarsiMov, “Hawaii” promises not just laughs but a thoughtful exploration of the personal impacts of global issues like migration. Join us at FarsiMov to enjoy this delightful comedy that resonates with both heart and humor.

  • Language Farsi
  • Audio Languages Farsi
  • Genre Comedy
  • Run Time 83 minutes
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