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After Leaving


In the quietude of its production, “After Leaving” emerges as a poignant narrative directed by the talented Reza Najati and produced by Mahmoud Babaei. This cinematic piece, which is a product of the year 2023, stands as a testament to the burgeoning talent in the Iranian film industry, especially highlighted by its inclusion in this year’s prestigious Fajr Film Festival.

Arash, portrayed by the acclaimed Saber Abar, returns to his hometown after a long absence, embarking on a quest for something he has lost. The film weaves a delicate tapestry of emotion and introspection, inviting viewers to ponder the essence of belonging and the relentless pursuit of unresolved pasts.

The film boasts an ensemble cast featuring notable talents such as Saber Abar, Sara Bahrami, Pouria Rahimi Sam, Pantea Panahiha, Behram Shah Mohammadloo, Ehteram Boroumand, Roshanak Gerami, Yasna Mirtahmasb, Khosro Ahmadi, and Hami Torabi, whose collective performances lend depth and authenticity to this stirring narrative.

Produced by Mahmoud Babaei, with Reza Najati at the helm as both writer and director, “After Leaving” is brought to life through the lens of cinematographer Arman Fayyaz, with editing by Emad Khodabakhsh. The creative team, including advisor Amirhossein Asgari, set designer Amirhossein Haddad, composer Masoud Sekhavatdoost, and sound director Amir Ashegh Hosseini, among others, have meticulously crafted a film that resonates with both visual and auditory elegance.

Reza Najati shares a reflective note on the film’s essence, emphasizing the fleeting nature of dreams and the relentless passage of time. “After Leaving” encapsulates years of aspirations, both attainable and elusive, within moments of cinematic expression, marking a significant debut in Najati’s directorial career.The film’s intriguing cast and the professional background of its producer, Mahmoud Babaei, signal a high-quality production. Babaei’s previous work, including last year’s feature “Without Prior Appointment,” sets high expectations for “After Leaving” as a noteworthy contribution to this year’s festival circuit.

During the Fajr Film Festival 2023, both Babaei and Najati shared insights into the challenges and ambitions behind the making of “After Leaving.” The film, which took three years to write, reflects a profound consideration for cinema at every turn, showcasing a willingness to take risks and push boundaries in storytelling.”With ‘After Leaving,’ we are invited into a realm of introspection and nuanced storytelling. The film, anchored by its compelling cast and visionary direction, stands as a beacon of Iranian cinema’s evolving landscape. It prompts us to question not just the journey of its protagonist, Arash, but also the universal quest for identity and closure. This film is a must-watch for those who seek cinema that challenges, reflects, and transcends.

  • Language Farsi
  • Audio Languages Farsi
  • Genre Drama
  • Run Time 95 minutez
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